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This might be another late-night potboiler idea

but would any among you be interested in a Jane Fairfax POV retelling of HER side of ‘Emma’, including preamble of the autumn spent at Weymouth with the Campbells and Mr Dixon as well as F C Weston Churchill?

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Outfits worn by the future Oscar I of Sweden and Josephine of Leuchtenberg at their 1823 wedding.



She was 16 at the time of their wedding; he was 24.

ok so one of my general OTPs might be where one half of a couple has their head right at chest height for the other half

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  • Me: languages are so awesome I just want to bathe in complex sentence structure oh man this word derives from Latin that's so cool
  • Me: wtf is this shit it has how many past tenses I can't do this help me wordreference
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Mmmm fresh sheets.

If I get my period during the night I will actually start crying and not stop for an hour.

Why do my housemates enjoy the sobbing and humiliation of the initial audition rounds of the X Factor?

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the reason male comic book fans work themselves into a frenzied rage over “fake geek girls" is because they think they can’t get a girlfriend because of their love for comic books (a.k.a nerdiness). if they accept that geek girls genuinely love comic books, then they’re left with the cold harsh reality that it’s not their nerdiness that makes them unattractive to women, but the fact that they are misogynistic condescending dickbags who need to be avoided AT ALL COSTS

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